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Diagnose any Designjet 500PS error code for free. We stock a full line of HP Designjet 500PS parts and offer free support. 

HP Designjet 500PS parts

C7769-60183 HP Designjet 500PS 24" Encoder Strip

c7769-60183 HP Designjet 500 and 500PS 24" Encoder Strip Genuine HP Designjet 500ps part

C7769-60183 HP Designjet 500PS 24" Encoder Strip. Designjet 500PS error code 86:01 if stained

C7769-60182 HP Designjet 500PS 24" Carriage Belt

HP Designjet 500PS error code 86:01 check paper path c7769-60182 500PS Carriage belt

C7769-60182 HP Designjet 500PS 24" Carriage Belt. Error Code 86:01 Check paper path.

C7770-60013 HP Designjet 500PS 42" Electronic Encoder Strip

HP Designjet 500PS 42" Encoder Strip C7770-60013 86:01 Error Code Electronics Encoder

c7770-60013 HP Designjet 500PS 42" Electronics Encoder Strip. 86:01 error code if stained

C7770-60014 HP Designjet 500PS 42" Carriage Belt

42" Carriage Belt for HP Designjet 500PS Plotters. Will fix 86:01 error code check paper path 8601

C7770-60014  HP Designjet 500PS 42" Carriage Belt. This will fix the 86:01 check paper path error code. 

C7769-60147 HP Designjet 500PS 24" Wide trailing cable

HP Designjet 500PS Trailing cable 24" C7769-60147 connects to carriage assembly error code 86:01

 C7769-60147 HP Designjet 500 24" Wide trailing cable. Connects the carriage assembly to the main PCA board.   

C7769-60387 HP Designjet 500PS Power Supply

Power Supply HP Designjet 500PS C7769-60387 if plotter has no power replace the power module

C7769-60387  HP Designjet 500PS power supply module. New OEM - replace if no power.

HP Designjet 500PS Parts and Support

c7772a HP Designjet 500PS Accessorie GL2 Card

C7772a HP Designjet 500PS GL2 Card for HP Designjet 500 and 500PS memory

 c7772a HP Designjet GL2 Accessories card for HP Designjet 500 only.   

C7769-60149 HP Designjet 500PS Service Station Assembly

HP Designjet 500PS 21:10 error code service Station assembly for Designjet 500 2110 error

C7769-60149 HP Designjet 500PS service station assembly. Error 21:10 Replace 

C7769-69376 HP Designjet 500PS Carriage Assembly

HP Designjet 500PS Carriage assembly c7769-69376 for all Designjet 500 and 800 plotters

C7769-69376 HP Designjet 500PS Carriage assembly. Genuine HP Designjet 500 Part. 

C7779-69263 HP Designjet 500PS Electronic Module PCA

HP Designjet 500PS main board electronic PCA

C7779-69263 HP Designjet 500PS main PCA electronics module.  

C7770-60286 HP Designjet 500PS 42" Ink Tube Kit

Ink tube kit for 42" Designjet 500PS plotters print head is clogged the ink tubes will need replaced

c7770-60286 HP Designjet 500 44" ink tube kit. Includes 4 ink tubes  

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